Blossom PINK - 24 Brushes Set
Blossom PINK - 24 Brushes Set


Blossom PINK - 24 Brushes Set

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Foundation: Evenly applies all kinds of foundation.
Defined Buffer: Detailed application and blending of makeup base.
Buffer: Applies and blends foundation, powder and pressed makeup.
Powder: Applies loose and pressed powder.
Angled Contour: Precisely applies contour products below cheek bones, over the temples and around the forehead to gove a sculpted finish.
Face Detail: Contours the face shape with cream or powder products.
Face Blend: Blends out harsh edges for a seamless effect.
Petit Glow: Accurately applies highlighter to the cheeks, nose and under the eyebrows.
Stippler: Blends makeup base to give an airbrushed finish.
Cheek Definer: Applies liquid, cream and gel blush, bronzers and contours.
Blush: Applies blush to cheekbones.
Petit Fan: Applies all shimmery, glittery eyeshadow on the eyelids.
Concealer: Applies concealer and color correction on desired areas of the phase.
Eyeshadow Blender: Seamlessly blends all kinds of eyeshadow.
Smudger: Smudges eyeshadow and kohl along the lash line.
Eye Definer: Blends eyeshadow shades to accentuate the eye shape.
Eyeshadow Base: Applies base to eyelids to prep it for eyeshadow application.
Angle Shader: Emphasizes the angles of the eye with eyeshadow.
Petit Smudger: Detailed application and transitioning of different eyeshadow shades.
Fine Liner: Precisely applies all kinds of eyeliner products.
Wing Liner: Creates detailed eyeliner strokes and a perfect wing.
Brow Liner: Flawlessly applies cream and powder eyebrow products.
Lip Liner: Applies and blends lip contour.
Lip Color: Applies liquid and cream lipstick.