About Us

Inspired by the delicacy of the Cherry Blossom; Blossom Brushes -as a brand- is designed to serve the key steps of applying makeup, from creating a flawless base, to the enhanced eyes and finally, the perfect finish. 
Designed in Germany, with 100% cruelty free, high technology synthetic fibers, with a characteristic soft texture that is gentle on the skin.
The innovative technology behind the fibers allows for proper product pickup with minimal waste, which helps users get the coverage and finish they desire.
Blossom Brushes provides a world-class shopping experience of makeup tools, through its wide selection of brushes that have distinctive handles and premium quality bristles.
Our Vision
To help the modern woman boost her confidence and face the world head-on, no matter what the day has in store.
Our Mission
To encapsulate everyone’s individual definitions of beauty, by providing the proper tools and products.